Dr. Daniel Yamini, MD

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9201 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 805, West Hollywood, CA 90069
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His long times of training and encounter have actually gained this your man the trust and self-confidence of lots of patients, and DOCTOR Yamini has actually earned the acknowledgment as one of \'The united state\'s Leading Surgeons\' and also a Person\'s Option Honor.

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He was recognized as the valedictorian at the top-ranked Westlake High School. That difference

among others

made your man a scholarship to Stanford University to seek his undergraduate education in The field of biology and Psychology. While at Stanford

Dr. Yamini focused on merging the study of human the field of biology and also adult and kid psychology. As a matter of fact

Doctor Yamini was a part-time trainer at the prestigious Stanford Bing Institution for Children to research kid habits and development.

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