Dr. Daniel C. Mills, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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31852 Pacific Coast Hwy, Ste. 401, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
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Thank you for taking the time to visit my practice web site. I hope that after visiting my web site, you have a better understanding of my approach to plastic surgery. My ultimate goal is to make you happy, giving you the beautiful results that you desire by using the latest in plastic surgery techniques and technology. I believe this goal fundamentally starts with a strong patient-doctor relationship. I aim to treat every person, whether patient or staff, like family, which impacts the effort and energy I invest into each surgery. I understand that each person who walks into my office has individual needs and expectations. My office staff and I strive to take the time to build trust and confidence by listening to each patient’s needs and educating them on all available surgical and non-surgical alternatives.

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Residency in Plastic Surgery Medical College of Ohio George Baibak


Director (John Kelleher

M.D.) NW Ohio Plastic Surgeons Toledo

OH 1986-1988 Fellowship in Plastic Surgery Phoenix Plastic Surgery Residency Rex Peterson


Director Phoenix

AZ 1985-1986 General Surgery Requirements for Residency in Plastic Surgery Wright State University Kettering Medical Center Kettering

OH 1983-1985 Internship in General Surgery Wright State University Kettering Medical Center Kettering OH 1982-1983 Medical School Loma Linda University

School of Medicine Loma Linda

CA 92354 M.D. Degree

1978-1982 College Walla Walla College College Place

WA 99324 B.A. in Chemistry


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