Dr. Paul Nassif, MD

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120 S. Spalding Dr. Ste. 315A, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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Dr. Nassif uses his artistry and skill as a facial plastic surgeon to shape each patient’s nose to fit his or her face. Patients are consistently pleased at Dr. Nassif’s ability to create noses that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. In addition to revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Nassif also specialized in rhinoplasty for ethnic noses. His considerable experience ensures results that are proportionate and tailored to suit an individual’s individual features and overall face.

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Undergraduate: University of Southern California Los Angeles

California B.S. Business December 1984 Medical School: 1988 – 1989 University of Health Sciences Chicago Medical School 3333 Green Bay Road North Chicago

Illinois 60064 1989 – 1992 University of Southern California School of Medicine 2025 Zonal Avenue

KAM-100B Los Angeles

California 90033 M.D. June 1992

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