Dr. Arash Moradzadeh MD

Plastic Surgeon
9033 Wilshire Blvd Suite 409, Beverly Hills, California 90211
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    Plastic Surgeon
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Dr. Moradzadeh prides himself on creating a safe and comfortable environment for his patients — offering them the benefit of the most advanced training and leading edge technology. “My goal is to provide the natural wow factor,” he says.“People will tell you how great you look, but never know exactly why.”

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  • Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm


  • Mini Face Lift
    Sinus Surgery


A native of Los Angeles, he graduated with highest honors from UCLA and earned his medical degree at UC San Diego. He then went on to the world-renowned Washington University Medical School for training in ENT with an emphasis on facial, nasal and neck procedures.

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Office hours

Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm

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